Wedding album details

Stunning Italian style

Why invest in a wedding album?

In a digital age where more photos are being taken than ever before but less than ever are actually being printed, you might ask yourself: can we afford to invest in a printed wedding album?

Well, in our opinion there are many reasons to do so – not least, because practically every single time we hand a beautiful printed wedding album to a client, they are absolutely overwhelmed with “how much better” it is in print when compared to viewing on a screen!

Aside from that though, let’s talk briefly about longevity for a moment. Have you ever leafed through your parent’s wedding photos or wedding album? Or the pictures your parents took of you and your siblings when you were young? They’re great aren’t they?! There really is nothing like handling real printed photographs and albums to really bring the memories back to us…

Now ask yourself: do you REALLY think in 30 years from now that your own children – or even your grandchildren – will still be using a USB to view pictures taken today? Will the pictures on your iphone still be there? Will they really still be readable on a volatile media like a computer hard disc drive? If you’re lucky enough to have not yet had a hard drive or computer fail then trust me at some point you will. And if that’s where all your precious photos are… it aint gonna be funny!

But… a professionally printed, archival quality wedding album will keep your photos in glorious colour for years and years to come. I know from personal experience that it’s only via the really old photos I have of my own parents and family that I can really see how everybody was, way back in the day – and as the ones we love grow older or are no longer with us, these memories become ever more precious over the passage of time. Indeed, your own wedding album is how your own children will see how you and your loved ones were on your wedding day, in many years from now.

So really, the question should be: can I afford not to invest in a timeless wedding album that will preserve today’s memories for generations to come?

Top quality Italian wedding albums

Our stunning Italian wedding albums include a variety of options for page finishes and album covers, along with parent albums, presentation cases, and even pocket books for you to choose from. By using what we consider to be the very best wedding albums available, we can be sure that your beautiful wedding photos will be perfectly displayed and remain in superb condition for years to come.

Our modern wedding albums feature your favourite wedding pictures printed directly on thick, hard pages to showcase your wedding day in a unique and contemporary style. Using our special design software, your pictures are professionally arranged maximum impact. All album designs are subject to your complete approval before printing, and our easy online proofing system means you can approve every layout (or request any changes needed) all from the comfort of your own home. Our high end magazine style coffee table albums are a unique and visually stunning finish for your wedding day, and will preserve your precious wedding memories for decades to come.

Our standard wedding albums

There’s not much standard about our ‘standard’ wedding albums: a thoroughly modern book with simple lines, and a minimalist cover to perfectly complement the included presentation box, for an elegant look with a strong avant-garde taste. With lush, thick pages as standard, and internationally patented seamless binding, our albums lay perfectly flat when opened to allow a panoramic view of the entire spread – including any parts positioned over the seam. The result is an almost cinematic experience with attention to detail evident throughout.

Our luxury wedding albums

Our top range luxury wedding albums also include thick page sides as standard, and open completely flat to allow us to print your pictures directly over the central seam with no loss of image disappearing into a central gutter. Our luxury albums also include a superb range of beautiful cover options, from a more traditional leather, to metallic, or even our stunning acrylic covers featuring the image of your choice – and really need to be seen “in the flesh” to be truly appreciated!

If you’d like to view our albums in person, we keep a range of sample albums at our home studio, which we’ll be happy to show you – just drop us a line to arrange a chat over a cuppa!