Pam and Dave’s pre wedding photos in Beddington Park, Surrey

We’ve been so busy recently I’ve hardly had a chance to prepare anything for the blog – and we still have plenty more to come yet too!  Today I’d like to introduce you to Pam and Dave who came along for a pre wedding photo shoot at Beddington Park in Surrey a couple of weeks ago.  We’d arranged this session to coincide with a nice low sun so we could catch the late afternoon warmth in our photos which I thought worked out really well – although from this point in the year that does mean you need to move pretty quickly because once that sun starts to go down it disappears in a surprisingly short time!  Our couple were great to shoot – a little nervous at first perhaps, but very open to a little direction and great company for an early evening stroll. Let’s peek at a few snaps then 🙂

I love to shoot backlit, and the picture below is no exception…

This next shot really takes advantage of both the direction and warmth of the evening sunlight to highlight and isolate our couple against the background, and using the trees to frame our subjects it directs the eye right to where we want it to be…

So there you are: just a few photos today… but enough to show how these guys feel about each other, I think 🙂

We have the wedding coming up very soon now so I’ll be looking forward to taking lots more photos for Pam and Dave at the beginning of next month.  Until then, I hope you enjoyed the pre wedding pics!


Engagement photography and pre wedding photography in Beddington Park, Surrey

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    i like your’s photos.